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There Is Hope
Many chronic migraine patients suffer from severe migraine symptoms for years, often living in constant pain. Through our unique multidisciplinary approach, we specialize in these hard-to-treat cases of migraine.
Our approach has helped hundreds of severe, chronic migraine sufferers. To schedule a no-obligation call with a migraine specialist, take our brief migraine assessment!
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Migraine Focus

Dr. Bills is a physician and a scholar; his medical career and academic research come together for unique insight on causes of, and treatment for, severe, chronic migraine. Our team includes other medical and research professionals also dedicated to acute migraine care.

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Personalized Care

Chronic migraine is a multi-systemic condition that is unique for each patient. Unfortunately, most providers only treat one system at a time. The Migraine & Neuro Rehab Center is dedicated to a multi-disciplinary approach through in-depth evaluation and comprehensive treatment.

Treatment Details

On-Site or Remote

Located in Provo, UT, we love to help patients in person when possible. With the recent expansion of our telehealth treatment option, we've seen similar, excellent results. After the initial in-person exam, we are happy to schedule whichever type of appointment best fits your needs.


Aly Heintz, Chronic Migraine Recovery Story
Dr Bills is absolutely genius and their entire team cares so much about every single migraine patient! Because of the Migraine & Neuro Rehab Center, I have my life back. It’s a miracle.
Aly Heintz, 13-year Chronic Migraine Sufferer
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The Science of Migraine

Multi-systemic Migraine Care in Provo, Ut

Chronic migraine is not well understood by most people, inlcuding many physicians. Those that suffer with migraine endure the intense and debilitating symptoms; but what is a migraine really? Why are symptoms so varied for so many individuals? These questions can be answered as we explore the multi-systemic nature of chronic migraine.