Migraine Assessment

How long have you been experiencing migraine and/or headaches?

At what age did your migraine and/or headaches start?

How often do you experience migraines and/or headaches?

How long do your worst migraine attacks and/or headaches last?

How much do migraine attacks and/or headaches interfere with your daily activities?

Do you ever experience any of the following before the pain of your migraine and/or headache begins?



Muddled Thought



Increased Urination

Muscle Stiffness

Visual Disturbances



Ringing in Ears

Anything specific you'd like us to know about what you experience before or after your migraine attack?

Does caffeine or triptan medication relieve your migraine and/or headaches?

Do your migraine attacks and/or headaches ever last more than 4 hours?

Do your migraine attacks and/or headaches throb?

Do you experience any of the following during or after your migraine and/or headache?

Pain, nausea, vomiting, neck pain, anxiety, sensitivity to light, sound or smell, insomnia, confusion, fatigue, lack of concentration, depressed mood, or euphoria.

Have you tried prescription medication for longer than three months?

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