My Story: Aly Heintz

Aly Heintz's Recovery from Chronic Migraine
As a migraine sufferer for 13 years, I have seen multiple doctors and neurologists and tried many medications. I also tried laser therapy, acupuncture, daily stretches, special computer glasses, essential oils, CBD oils, massages, diet change, and more; nothing seemed to work or even ease my migraines. One neurologist told me I should just quit my job, which was not an option. I was taking a daily migraine preventive when, through a neighbors referral, I found the Migraine & Neuro Rehab Center.
The first appointment was a very different experience for me. I have never had an appointment where I was asked so many detailed questions and the doctor cared so much about me! Dr. Bills is so thorough! He has scientific explanations when no one else has been able to explain anything. In my second appointment, we made a plan that was tailored to my specific case of Migraines. It was kind of like my own road map to recovery.
Treatment wasn’t easy, but Dr. Bills and his team cared so much about me. They all remembered my name and my story, and worked hard to help me and encourage me. Just as Dr. Bills predicted, I started to see little differences within the first month. I could bend over to unload the dishwasher without triggering a migraine. Bit by bit, I could tolerate elevation change (before, even minor changes could be extremely painful), and I even started to tolerate the summer heat (which had also been a migraine trigger). Then the frequency of my migraines began to steadily decrease. I couldn’t believe it! I had lost hope that my life could get better, but Dr. Bills and his team restored that hope!
Part of what makes the Migraine & Neuro Rehab Center so special, is that Dr. Bills and his team are so knowledgeable about the science behind migraines. It was very helpful to understand what was happening to my brain during the migraine. Even as my migraines became less and less frequent, Dr. Bills would still take the time to break down with me the cause of each migraine so that we both understood what was happening. He’s absolutely genius!
I’ve now fully tapered off my daily preventative medication! I have my life back! I can do things that I haven't been able to do in years.. like simply going on a hike! My anxiety has gone down, and I’m not in pain everyday anymore. It’s a miracle. If you have migraines and never thought it could be you that gets help, or if you have lost hope, feel anxiety and/or depression from this debilitating disease, SEE Dr. Bills at the Migraine and Neuro Rehab center. Stick to his plans, and tell him everything you personally are experiencing because your life can change!
Aly Heintz, 13-year Chronic Migraine Sufferer