Welcome to The Migraine and Neurological Rehabilitation Center!

We want to introduce you to Dr. Kyle Bills. After completing his undergraduate studies at BYU with honors, Dr. Bills attended Parker University. There, he graduated summa cum laude and was the recipient of various awards and honors including, the President’s Scholarship and the James Parker Philosophy Award. He performed his rotations in the Dallas VA Medical Center where he worked to help veterans returning from war. Dr. Bills then established Restoration Chiropractic, in Tracy, CA. During his time in CA he was honored to serve the state as a Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) in the workers’ compensation system and subsequently as a subject matter expert consultant for the state’s effort to improve the quality of QME appointees. In 2016 Dr. Bills was offered a position at BYU in the Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program to research and he obtained a PhD in Neuroscience. Shortly thereafter, he was honored to receive the Ruth L. Kirtchstein National Research Service Award from the National Institutes of Health and to research as a fellow of the National Center of Complementary and Integrative Health. He is currently the Associate Dean for Research at Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine and holds adjunct faculty appointments in the Department of Psychology at Brigham Young University and in the Department of Neurology at Parker University.

Dr. Bills is passionate about helping those who are suffering from chronic migraines and neurological conditions. Because of his role at the University and the comprehensive nature of the care he provides, he is only able to accept a few patients at a time.